Ode to Pumpkin Pie

This pie, born today. Fruit of my labor. Love of my life.

Pumpkin pie.
I love it.
I eat it breakfast, noon and night.

If Pumpkin Pie was in Peril I would stop anything to save it.
If Pumpkin Pie wore crocs I would still be its friend.
If Pumpkin Pie hated Prince I would still love it.
If Pumpkin Pie cheated on his wife with hordes of hookers, I would still vote it into office.
If Pumpkin Pie slept with my boyfriend, I would forgive it.
If Pumpkin Pie caused World War III, I would still defend it.

It’s October.

Less than 24 hours and already 1/4 gone.

  1. Yum, that is one good-looking pie! No wonder it can get away with anything. I can tell the crust is nice and crisp too, even on the bottom. Mine turned out a little soft last time, but I think it was just because I used the wrong kind of milk. I did dress it up for Halloween though. I have a picture of it on my blog, http://pezcita.wordpress.com/.

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