Trucks not living up to their full potential

A lot of people drive pick-up trucks.

The problem is, most of the time they don’t “pick-up” anything.

No, really – think about it.  How many trucks do you see a day that simply do not use the bed of their truck?

Sure, you’re going to want to haul some useful things around sometimes, but for the other 99% of the time why not have some fun?

Here are some suggestions of items to place in the back of your truck:

  • an art installation / sculpture
  • parade float
  • a hot tub
  • a car (eh, truck) bar
  • a BBQ grill mounted on for impromptu tailgating
  • a shark tank
  • the entire cast of “Friends”
  • your entourage
  • a miniature petting zoo
  • one of those giant keyboards that you can dance on
  • a t-shirt cannon
  • and my personal favorite: smaller trucks stacked up on top of each other into infinitum.


Hard to depict but awesome to imagine.


You could be like a modern-day M.C. Escher, but with a truck.

Just think about it.


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