Ho-hum Sunday list

Sigh, I will never be Jimi Hendrix.

Barkley is cute but he will still cause as much mayhem as possible.

No one understands that you can think dogs are cute and dislike them and not want to own one at the same time.

The school district my high school belonged to fired a student teacher because he explained he was gay.

Poor turtle. His only friend is a discarded plastic bottle.

The turtles are basking beside bottles and trash.

AMERICAN BABY WHY? I am not pregnant. I have no babies.

There was a DIFFERENT baby magazine in my mailbox today. American Baby. WHY?

Jean Luc Picard is a fictional character.

Hogwarts isn’t real.

At least watching Twilight was hilarious and a nice reminder of the Northwest. “I have to show you something,” now climb on my back and I will run you up this mountain because I am ridiculous.


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