Babytalk why do you think I’m pregnant?

I don’t know how or why but BabyTalk keeps sending me their magazine.

I have never been pregnant.  I have never adopted a baby from a 3rd world country. I don’t really even like babies that much at all.


Clearly, I am not their ideal reader.


But, I think I know how this all started. One fateful day I was stupid enough to click on a facebook ad.  It was one for free MAC cosmetics and I got suckered into giving them some of my information.

When I realized I had to sell my soul to the devil to get said “free,” make-up I backed out and forgot about the entire ordeal.

NOT EVEN 9 months later, my mom calls to tell me that some very nice people from Babytalk magazine had phoned for me and asked when my due date was.  Apparently they were very distraught when my mother told them that I did not live there and hopefully was not preggers.

So she gave them my school address.

That was a year ago.

My school address has changed and still the Babytalk magazine comes.  At least this time there were some cute babies in costumes:


Even though they are basically human larva, they do look pretty cute.



Okay. Stop looking at babies and get some work done.



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