Mega fire extinguisher vs. Trogdor

On each floor of the apartment style dorms I live in there are four fire extinguishers in the hallway and one fire extinguisher under each dorm kitchen. (12 fire extinguishers total on each floor).

Most of them are a normal size.

The one under the kitchen sink is a little smaller. (Logically the one next to the area most likely to burst out into flames should be smaller).

But then, there is one in the middle of the breezeway, right across from a regular-sized one that is this big:


I can only assume this if for when Trogdor the Burninator goes on a drunken rampage and tries to annihilate the human race.

I don’t think I can even lift this extinguisher.

I don’t think Trogdor could lift this extinguisher.

He will probably come one day (sober) to aid us in battling flames (caused by someone trying to cook a giant salmon).


He will become so frustrated by the mega extinguisher that he will not be able to contain his anger and burn down the dorms with a fury of flames.

Flames so large that only a mega extinguisher could put out if only someone could lift it.

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