Mounted and reckless

Dear Three (unwise) Mounted Police Officers,

This morning I was riding my bike up Jones street when you turned out of the gas station in front of me.  (What were you doing at a gas station, might I ask? ) then you proceeded to trot right on through the red light across Martin Luther King Jr. boulevard without a care in the world, as if you were not dangerously violating a traffic law.
Granted, sometimes when I’m on my bike I run red lights but the consequences of our two actions vary greatly.

If a car who was unable to stop and ran either of us over the negative impact of my action would be much less than yours.
Picture this: A biker (me)  dead in the street.  Under a mildly dented fender my bike is laying in pieces on the ground.  The driver feels great remorse but eventually, after  some soul seeking, puts it all in their past and lives a healthy life.

Now, compare that with this:  Three mounted police officers rammed into by a car or truck, 27 gallons of horse blood– did you know the average horse has 9 gallons of blood?– is slowly  seeping onto the street and mixing in with the blood of three possibly dead officers.   The driver – if they survived the impact of three giant mammals impaling their windshield– is scarred for life and will never drive, or look at a horse again.  Not only did they run three cops over, who are in critical condition but also they killed three majestic animals as they were  led, against their will, into the middle of a busy street.  The driver lives the rest of his or her life in fear and each night has terrible nightmares of bathing in exploded horse corpses.

The fact of the matter is I don’t think you’re fully aware of the consequences of your actions.  In the future, please, use more caution.



And they rode off into the distance unaware of their folly.


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