SCAD Drawing I projects: Pen and Charcoal

These are projects I completed my first quarter at SCAD. We drew everything from life (the elephant is from a little statuette).

in class work for Halloween spirit (charcoal) :


In class work experimenting with pens:


More pen exploration in class work:


Project #3 Still-life self portrait:


The assignment for the self-portrait still-life was to pick objects that represent you as a person. The rock is one that my good friend Sahara¬†gave me one day from the parking lot at my high school. I kept it in the car that I shared with my brother. He rolled the car (he was banged up but not dead) and this rock was still in it so I keep it with me whenever I travel. The crane represents how I am attempting to “fly away from the nest,” if you will, by going to school across they country. The anchor is all about how I am tied to my family and will always be there for them.

Project #1: Trees and texture
tree mia
For a week after drawing this, every time I closed my eyes I saw leaves … millions of leaves.

  1. Alejandro Solorzano said:


  2. Katie Myers said:

    this is amazing! I love it!

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