Athens, Greece in watercolor: Tzami, Hephaistos, Acropolis

Some quick sketch watercolor paintings from my trip to Greece, here’s some from Athens:

The Tzami Mosque juts up over a multi-layer public square. A glass viewing plate rests over more archeological elements in the ground and reveals the depth of history in below.


This is the temple of Hephaistos, although smaller and less famous than other temples it is one of the most well preserved in Greece.

Painting at the top of the acropolis was probably one of the most memorable experience of my life. Up there it is hot. It is windy. It is beautiful. It is the Acropolis.

  1. Sahara said:

    I love all of your Greece sketches, boo.

  2. Lauren geeeeeeee said:

    I love your crazy art skill, fool.
    but really you should put the painting of me in Italy up :) hehe

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